You can give the wildlife of Stardew Valley a Studio Ghibli twist using this mod. Several of the animals that roam the farming game are replaced by famous creatures from the popular anime films.

Titled Ghibli Critters, the mod turns most of the birds and other small critters you see in Stardew’s forestry into some beloved Studio Ghibli creations. The woodpecker and squirrel become Totoro and Chu-Totoro, of My Neighbor Totoro, the sparrow is turned into Kodama from Princess Mononoke, the white rabbit becomes Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service, the owl is transformed into No Face from Spirited Away, and the soot sprite takes the place of the frogs.

The mod was created by sopholophagus as their first mod. Three of the open-world game‘s wee creatures remain unchanged, and might become something in the Ghibli repertoire at a later date. Given this is their first modification, do be wary of unexpected errors or glitches, and let them know if you find any. You can make your own in-game Ghibli-verse by combining this with a mod that inserts the wizard’s tower from Howl’s Moving Castle, a positively magical way to play in the valley.

The next major update for Stardew Valley is in the home stretch, said the developer back in November. Four-player co-op is on the way, too.

For some other interesting mods, this one adds horde mode, this one lets you donate fish to the aquarium, and this one lets you ride Arvak from Skyrim. As always, mod with caution.

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