A Little Asymmetry Never Hurt Anyone

Enermax have released the MarbleShell M30, with a rather different take on a front panel and a glass side panel framed by the only black on the outside of the case, the rest is white.  Internally it is very similar to many compact ATX cases, with a fixed metal shroud separating the PSU from the rest of the case, although in this case there are three 2.5″ drive mounts on the top. 

Hidden behind the back panel is an ARGB controller, which does not double as a fan controller for the fans which come with the case are not PWM but only three pin.  On the plus side it does ship with four 120mm fans the case ships with. There is room to add another pair of 120/140mm on the top under the magnetic filter and if you so desire you can swap out those three 120mm fans on the front for a pair of 140mm fans.

Drop by TechPowerUp to learn more about Enermax’s $80 case.

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