If you’re the kind of person who misplaces things, or you’ve got little people in your house who like to misplace things for you, or you spend time in public spaces where the risk of theft is always present, you need Phone Buddy Notifier.

This clever little app works by basically turning your iPhone and your Apple Watch into soulmates.

Any time your phone goes out of range of your Apple Watch, you’ll get an alert on your wrist. If you happen to be sitting still at the time, you’ll know that something untoward is happening – either a thief is making off with your phone or your firstborn is carrying it resolutely towards the toilet.

You can configure the alerts you get, of course. There are seven different tones to choose from, and you can set your own custom voice alert too. For example, you can program Siri to say something helpful like, “you forgot your phone again, you incorrigible klutz” or, “LOOK EVERYONE, THIS GUY IS STEALING ME”.

Naturally, this works the other way around. If your Apple Watch goes walkabout, or you’re about to leave the house without it, you’ll get a notification on your phone. But that’s not all. You’ll also get a notification letting you know when your phone or your Apple Watch is back in range and if you need help locating your iPhone, you can press the “play ring” button to make it call out.

But our favorite thing about Phone Buddy Notifier isn’t just that it can tell you when your phone and watch become separated. It’s that it can tell you when your phone is moving away from you, using signal strength data, giving you a vital early warning.

And you can use this same data to triangulate its position, like a space marine hunting an alien in an abandoned mining facility.

If that doesn’t make you want to download Phone Buddy Notifier right now, nothing will.

So if you tend to forget your phone, Phone Lost Alert is the answer. Grab it right now on the App Store.

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