Tackling the weekly topics, some of them getting a real beating over this almost 2 hour episode. Cyberpunk 2077 check in and it’s too bad about your console. Random numbers, encryption, and the Solar Winds hack, oh my. Something bad can be bought from Microcenter! The Nvidia / reviewers controversy, a few points. Actual reviews for the Sapphire Nitro+ 6800 and Western Digital Blue SN550 NVME drive. Photography only comes up a few times and then more topics and discussion of course including but not limited to: the contents of Sebastian’s bookshelf and Brett’s penchant for slapping the cap.

We’re taking next week off, but will likely close out the year with a show on the 30th!

Usually the second thing we discuss is Josh and food. But not this week. This week Josh has wind. Lots of it.

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