Squeezing That Last Frame Out

The FPS Review have revisited the RTX 3060 Ti Founders Edition now that they had some time to overclock the card, and have posted their findings for your pleasure.  It seems overclocking a Founders Edition may be different from overclocking a partner card, so your mileage may very depending on which RTX 3060 Ti you find … one day in the future.

As shipped the card has a Boost of 1665MHz but in game tends to wander between 1890MHz to 1970MHz with the average being 1937MHz.  That gave The FPS Review a target to start with when setting their goals of overclocking, after all what is the point of increasing power and frequencies only to see that average drop?

Their weapon of choice was the latest beta of MSI Aftterburner, which allowed them to unlock and monitor the GPU voltage.  They chose only to monitor it, as previous experience has taught them that leaving the voltages to NVIDIA GPU Boost produces much better results.  Their final stable overclock ensured that the RTX 3060 Ti beat the older RTX 2080 SUPER FE in every test, and by a large margin when DLSS and ray tracing was involved.

Check out the exact results in the full review.

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