It’s going to be a busy few months.

Other items that were mentioned in today’s Indie World:

  • Cyber Shadow, the Yacht Club Games-published action game (developed by Mechanical Head Studios) with Shovel Knight Amiibo support, will release on Switch January 26
  • Leap Game Studios’s Tunche is a side-scrolling action game with RPG elements set in the Amazon Rainforest, which features five playable characters including Hat Kid from A Hat In Time. It will launch on Switch as a console excclusive in March.
  • Modern Wolf showed a brief clip of Kosmokrats, “the people’s zero-gravity comedy adventure game” where the objective is to survive a very creaky trip to space. It is scheduled to blast off in March.
  • Another Indie Studio showed a glimpse of Hazel Sky, an adventure where an engineer has to try and survive a series of trials while maintaining an illcit friendship. It is currently slated for take-off in March.
  • PM Studios announced that puzzle platformer Hoa would appear on Switch in April.
  • Toyful Games revealed Very Very Valet, a game where you are the valet for parties in over 20 locations. Up to four players can crash and bash in early 2021.
  • Previously released in Japan and localized by Playism, Gnosia sees a spaceship taken over by aliens who can disguise themselves as humans. Crossing social deduction with visual novel, Gnosia’s projected launch date is “early 2021”.
  • Playfellow Studio is holding a massive cat fight in Fisti-Fluffs. Create a cat and use household objects to become the last feline standing. Although the game will launch with local multiplayer support, online play will be patched in. Fisti-Fluffs is targeting a spring release.
  • Amanita Design’s Happy Game provides unnerving puzzles and a frightening atmosphere along with a lot of disturbingly smiley faces. It is also aiming for spring.
  • ustwo games (Monument Valley) will bring their Apple Arcade title Alba: A Wildlife Adventure to consoles for the first time (target is a spring release). The titular Alba is visiting her grandparents on a Mediterranean island when she sees the island in danger.
  • fluckyMachine and tinyBuild will unleash Trash Sailors on Switch in spring. After the world is flooded by garbage, up to four people have to sail the seas of salvage (locally or online).
  • Finding Paradise, the follow-up episode to To The Moon, is aiming for a spring launch.

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