Yesterday we got a glimpse into the future of the Mass Effect franchise at the end of the Game Awards. As we knew from the blog post by Casey Hudson on N7 day, Bioware was working on the next title in the Mass Effect universe. At the time it wasn’t entirely clear what that would entail. After all, the Mass Effect franchise was in a sort of limbo after the release of Mass Effect Andromeda. While the new trailer is vague and doesn’t show a ton of concrete information, there are many inferences that can be taken from it.

The New Mass Effect title will be set in the Milky Way Galaxy

After the release of Andromeda, no one knew where the franchise would go. There were now two galaxies that existed entirely separate from one another with minimal connections existing at the same time. With the release of the Game Awards trailer, it is pretty clear which one Bioware chose. At the start of the trailer, we hear radio chatter referencing the first contact war between the Humans and Turians. The distinct siren of a reaper is heard while the camera moves through a field of debris. The shadow of a dead reaper looms overhead as a figure traverses a snowy landscape.

We see someone picking up and brushing off an N7 insignia, only for that person to be revealed as an unmistakable character in the franchise, Liara T’Soni. Liara seems to be much older in this game giving credence to the idea of it being set hundreds of years after the events of Mass Effect 3.

Liara looking older than we've seen her in the past.

Andromeda will likely play a role

While the trailer points to the game being set in the Milky Way Galaxy, there are also hints at a possible crossover between the two settings. The beginning of the trailer shows two separate galaxies, potentially the Milky Way and Andromeda. Later on, we see a structure that looks a lot like the Nexus; the Citadel inspired hub in Andromeda. It’s unclear at the moment what this could mean in the new Mass Effect. Some have speculated about it possibly being a return team from Andromeda or a worm hole that allows travel between the two galaxies.

Only time will tell what Bioware has planned, but whatever it is, I am very excited!

What did you think about the trailer for the new Mass Effect game? Are you excited about the likely return to the Milky Way galaxy? How do you think Andromeda will tie in if at all? Do you think the Mass Effect Legendary Edition will give more hints? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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