Microsoft has announced that it’s expanding its existing refund policy and is offering full refunds to dissatisfied players who purchased Cyberpunk 2077 from the Microsoft Store.

In a series of tweets, Xbox Support said, “While we know the developers at CD Projekt Red have worked hard to ship Cyberpunk 2077 in extremely challenging circumstances, we also realize that some players have been unhappy with the current experience on older consoles.” Xbox players who bought a digital copy of the game from the Microsoft Store can now claim a refund by following the steps listed on the Xbox Support refunds page. However, some players who were previously refused refunds for Cyberpunk 2077 are being told by Microsoft’s system they cannot ask for a refund again. If that’s the case for you, it might be worth giving Xbox Support a call now that Microsoft has updated its refund policy.

Cyberpunk 2077 launched last week, and players on base Xbox One consoles have been running into numerous performance issues such as texture pop-in, poor framerates, and frequent crashes. Recently, Sony delisted the game from the PlayStation Store and began offering all players who purchased the game digitally from its storefront a refund. Earlier today, CDPR’s chief executive Adam Kicinski said that the studio had not been in talks with Microsoft over removing the game from Microsoft’s digital storefront. It seems Microsoft isn’t acting as drastically as Sony and the game will remain on the Microsoft Store with players able to claim a refund if they’re unhappy.

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