Microsoft Flight Simulator was critically acclaimed when it launched on PC earlier this year. It’s success continues after winning the award for Best Sim/Strategy game at The Game Awards 2020. Now, Xbox have announced the Microsoft Flight Simulator console launch date. The popular Flight Simulator lands on Xbox Series X|S Summer 2021.

The Asobo team presented a beautiful new trailer showing footage of the game running in 4K on Xbox Series X. They showed sweeping vistas of Paris, Berlin and many more cultural capitals of the world in stunning fidelity. In a post on Xbox Wire, the team shared that the console version will offer the same depth as on PC. This is set to be quite the impressive feat indeed. You can see the trailer below:

Xbox also revealed that they are working with several third-party partners to enhance the console flight-sim experience. They are planning to offer peripherals, such as those commonly used on PC, to make the game even more immersive for everyone.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will release on Xbox Series X|S in Summer 2021. It will be available on Xbox Game Pass for console at launch. Are you excited for the Microsoft Flight Simulator console launch? Let us know over on the forums or on our social media!

Microsoft had a rather large presence at The Game Awards 2020. Tell Me Why bagged the award for the Games with Impact category, whilst Xbox finally revealed that The Initiative have been working on a Perfect Dark revival. Check out more from our team below:

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