Living by the Code brings the experiences and insights of over 40 of today’s top developers, leaders and innovators in tech together in one single book, to help you grow your career in today’s ever-changing technical landscape.
It’s like having dozens of tech’s best mentors — right at your fingertips.

Before You Begin

Before you begin your journey into gaining invaluable insights from today’s industry experts and leaders, we hope the foreword and prologue will help you understand why we made this book and what we hope you will gain by reading it.


“I wish someone had told me: You belong here. You’ll never have all the answers. Feeling like an imposter is normal and there are many others out there like you who feel the same way. Find them.”

—Sarah Olson

Britt Barak: “Balance vision and execution.”

Ellen Shapiro: “Work with other people and build something cool.”

Antonio Leiva: “Try to do what you think you can’t.”

Lara Martin: “Our work is not only coding.”

Sarah Olson: “Find people who have your back.”

Paco Estévez GarcÍa: “Stay open and help others.”

Corey Leigh Latislaw: “Bring people along with you.”

Zarah Dominguez: “Be the best without stepping on others.”

Juhani Lehtimäki: “Everywhere, create connections.”

Erik Hellman: “Better but more complicated.”

Eduardo Castelló Ferrer: “You are as valuable as your network.”

Ash Furrow: “Share your knowledge.”

Hadi Hariri: “Think beyond the technology.”

Roman Elizarov: “Be open, not just open-source.”

Getting to Work

“There’s always going to be people saying, ‘This is the one true way to do things,’ and then other people saying, ‘No it’s not. This is the one true way to do things.’ Being able to look at those claims dispassionately and figure out what actually works for you is the bigger thing to focus on in terms of learning.”

—Ellen Shapiro

John Sundell: “Hold up your side of the deal.”

Felix Krause: “Learn along the way.”

Joe Birch: “Trust is essential.”

Gabriel Peal: “It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time.”

Marin Todorov: “Focus on what you love doing.”

Mike Wolfson: “Learn from everyone around you.”

Ty Smith: “Your growth is your responsibility.”

Marcin Moskala: “Keep trying and learning from your mistakes.”

Iñaki Villar: “Communicate and learn from others.”

Segun Famisa; “Structure your own self-learning.”

Fernando Cejas: “Be open and try new things.”

Tanner Wayne Nelson: “Gain the courage to try.”

Annyce Davis: “Start each day with a clean slate.”

Raúl Raja Martínez: “Do what is important to you.”

Paul Blundell: “Be a thought leader, not a user.”

César Valiente: “A career is a marathon not a sprint.”

Moyinoluwa Adeyemi: “Compromise goes a long way.”


“I definitely think good leaders are made…The biggest things I look for in a leader are self-awareness and humility. These two characteristics open people up to admitting and learning from their own mistakes, which makes them very coachable—the effort you expend on coachable people is always multiplied.”

—Cate Huston

Dr. Joseph Howard: “Lead by example.”

Israel Ferrer Camacho: “Communication and collaboration.”

Ray Wenderlich: “Always keep learning.”

Cate Huston: “Inclusion: A noun, not a verb.”

Cyril Mottier: “Be human.”

Huyen Tue Dao: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

Marcin Krzyzanowski: “If it feels good for you, do it.”

Mike Nakhimovich: “Separate the job from the person.”

Danny Preussler: “It’s okay to say no.”

Mark Allison: “The secret is hard work.”

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