The BioShock franchise is beloved by many a gamer, including me. The eighth generation sadly saw no new entry in the franchise bar a remaster of the trilogy in 2016. But news regarding Bioshock 4 and job listings have just perked up.

Recent job listings at Cloud Chamber Games have hinted at what may be in store for Bioshock 4, the supposed next game in the series. It all sounds quite promising to this fan of the franchise.

There are three job listings that give the best indicator at what type of game Bioshock 4 will be. They are Senior Voice Designer, Lead Systems Designer and Game AI Programmer. All roles are demanding and hint this could be a big game.

For Senior Voice Designer, any applicants must have RPG experience and would be helping to “design the dialogue systems”. This hints at a possible dialogue system which might be similar to ones we have seen in other RPG series. The job listing also describes the game as a “ambitious narratively driven project full of character and personality”. Certainly sounds like a BioShock game!

Lead Systems Designer hints at the game being more open world. The job listing describes it as “a emergent sandbox world”. It also states that the Systems Designer would be responsible for “interactive world systems and non AI systematic ecology”, along with “player growth systems and progression”. These types of systems indicate a return to the more open ended areas that we saw in BioShock 1 and 2.

The Game AI Programmer job listing states that they “have high ambitions for tying AI and storytelling together”. An indicator into the innovation that may go into the game is Cloud Gaming stating that want someone who is comfortable with “experimenting with unproven ideas”. These job listings certainly make BioShock 4 out to be a game unlike anything we’ve seen before in the series.

If you want to learn more about the job listings, you can read through them here. Personally, my excitement for BioShock 4 is starting to gain. As I’ve stated, If there’s one thing the eighth generation of gaming was sorely missing, it was a new BioShock game. Sure, we did have BioShock The Collection in 2016 but a new game in the franchise is sorely needed.

As always, stay tuned to Generation Xbox for more news on Bioshock and all the latest games.

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