It’s the most wonderful time of the week, and the year it seems, for the denizens of Los Santos. GTA Online‘s weekly updates are currently coming around on a Tuesday now instead of Thursday since, well, the Cayo Perico update launched last week on December 15. Regardless, though, people are sticking their heads in to see what’s new as the Christmas update is here.

First off, it’s snowing! Rockstar brings winter to Los Santos each December, and it’s one of those lovely wee events that gives me a burst of nostalgia. It’s a minor tweak to your usual routines in GTA Online, but it’s still fun to take to the streets and lob snowballs at people before they inevitably lob a hand grenade back at you. There’s also a heap of festive goodies such as masks and ugly sweaters to ring in the festivities, too.

There’s plenty of other new content to piggyback off the recent Cayo Perico update on top of that. You can now buy the Itali RSX and Veto Modern cars for $2,598,750 and $995,000 in-game, respectively. The Brioso 300 is also available for free if you want to get a new pair of wheels for nothing. If you need to raise some dosh and are bored with the latest heist, then you can get double the rewards for doing the In and Out adversary mode.

Oh, and it’s also worth noting that, if you complete all of Keinemusik’s requests, you can get this beauty:

If you fancy seeing the full list of changes in full before Rockstar posts an update to its newswire, then you can find a round-up on Twitter and Reddit.

If it’s help with the new heist you’re looking for, then our industrious guides team have rounded up the GTA Cayo Perico Heist missions and all secondary targets to help you out.

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