A game standing out for it’s bizarre nature, Chicken Police was a game I looked forward to trying as soon as it was made available. The artistic design, characters and general atmosphere contribute to a unique and never before felt experience.

In a world where the over the top and the expansive saturate the market, games like Chicken Police make for a refreshing change of pace.

Taking it’s visual style from crime-noir titles like The Wolf Among Us or LA Noire, you realise that these comparisons go deeper than just the visual and categorical similarities. Where these games succeed in representing the genre with great storytelling, Chicken Police manages to replicate their efforts.

Not a Spring Chicken

You’ll find yourself playing as Santino Featherland, nicknamed Sonny, a former Clawville Police Department detective, also referred to as the Chicken Police.

The protagonist spends his time living in an abandoned hotel, where he over indulges in drinking. Our protagonist channels inspiration from the likes of Max Payne, procrastinating over the end of his detective career. He receives a visit from a goat named Deborah Ibanez.

Ibanez drops a case of intrigue and confusion for Sonny to solve. Telling him that her boss believes he’s the only person/chicken capable of discovering the truth. Sonny, although reluctant, accepts the case and bringing the Chicken Police out of retirement and back to action.

Point and Cluck

The mechanics of the game are like a point and click adventure, similar to Machinarium, with a reticule used to move around and examine different objects. You can talk to and examine different characters, and use a notes journal to look back at previous notes and information that lends itself handy later on.

Conversations are like Wolf Among Us in the sense that everything is multi-choice. You have to make sure to use the correct response in accordance to the characters and status of the people/animals you talk to. There is a detective meter where you’ll have to make sure that the meter stays within the upper half of the bar. The bar falling too low you will fail the interrogation.

The one gripe I had with conversing was that sometimes the options were out of place and inorganic for the conversation. Leading to confusion and misunderstandings when you are backed into saying something you didn’t want to.

Looking Good

The visual of Chicken Police nails the genre and style it goes for. With the animals drawn very well and providing a good fit to their surroundings, despite being rather weird. Vocal work is well-done with a uniqueness to every character you meet along the way, with diverse personalities.

Whereas other games will see you meet multiples of one character type, Chicken Police excels in making sure that each character has it’s own quirks and personality. The soundtrack accomplices with your surroundings, injecting suspense and thrilling atmosphere with the narrative.

Guilty or Not Guilty?

Chicken Police is a solid game to get if you’re a crime noir, detective novel fan. The game takes the bizarre and stereotypical and runs with it to meld a beautifully strange and unique experience.

Whilst the game doesn’t feature the overextending gameplay of it’s peers released this year. It does allow for a beautiful change of pace and offers a unique narrative concept to sink your teeth into.

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A Clucking Good Time




  • Beautifully Bizarre
  • Represents crime noir perfectly
  • Visuals, narrative, characters and sound are immersive and well put together



  • Slow and considered pace can be void of excitement
  • Story-wise, nothing not done before


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